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Speed your BROWSER with OpenDNS

The performance of the DNS server you are using is one component that affects the speed of your internet browsing.  Since each domain name you type in must be resolved into an IP address, the amount of time that takes will delay the loading of any web page.  Some users with overloaded ISP DNS servers can see delays in multiple seconds before web pages start to load.
OpenDNS provides free alternative DNS servers that anyone can use with any internet provider.  Unlike many national internet providers, OpenDNS’s DNS servers are very fast and reliable.   Using OpenDNS servers instead of your ISP servers will help you speed up your internet browsing by cutting down on the delay between resolving a domain name and getting the IP address so your browser can start loading the web page.
Configuring your computer to use OpenDNS servers instead of your ISP’s is a simple change that works in both Windows XP and Windows Vista:
  1. Click on the Start Button and type in ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.  In Windows XP Click on the Start Button, click Run and then type in ncpa.cpl
  2. Right click on your active network connection that you use to connect to the Internet and select Properties.
  3. On the Networking / General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) (version 4 on Windows Vista & 7) and hit Properties.
  4. On the properties screen, select Use the following DNS server addresses and then type in in the preferred and in the alternate boxes.

        5.  Hit OK twice and you are finished.

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  1. I did use opendns before when I still haven't built my PC-based router running pfSense. But I had some problems with my current ISP using that DNS so I have to revert to my ISPs DNS instead or make use of google's public DNS.



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