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Tips on How to Clean your Laptop Keyboard

*Laptop with sticky keyboard.
*Small flat head screw driver.
*Cup or bowl of hot water.
*Rubbing Alcohol and cotton swab or cloth.
*Time and Patience. 

Ok, Lets get started. 

Step One:

Turn off your laptop, and take out the battery.

Step Two:
Get a small flat head screwdriver and pry off your keys. 
Remember not too much pressure and be gentle. Laptop keys are meant to be popped off so don't freak out. TIP: Usually works best prying from the top, and you may want to take a picture of your keyboard.

Step Three:
Soak keys in a cup, or bowl of hot water. Leave them in the container until we are done with step four.

Step Four:

Take a cotton swab, or cloth (cloth works better for me) and lightly dampen with rubbing alcohol then dab/wipe the areas where there there is residue. TIP: Do NOT use too much liquid as it will damage your keyboard. 

Step Five:
Dry the keys you had soaking from step three and Reassemble your keyboard. TIP: Go by rows. XD

Step Six:
Put in your battery and turn on your computer.


  1. Excellent post. It's Great learning tool Highly recommend this post!

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  2. As I read your post, I glanced at my keyboard and its seems that it needs cleaning. Thanks for the info.

  3. What I did with my laptop is I use a tissue or cotton :D



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