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Defend against stealers!

I'm going to show you how to defend yourself against most stealers. Unfortunately, there is no one program, like KeyScrambler for keyloggers, that can protect you against stealers. However, if there's no data to steal, then stealers pose no risk to you.

Some common things that stealers steal are:

FTP passwords
Firefox passwords
Steam passwords
and more.

A simple solution to avoid being 'stolen' is to just never check the 'Remember my password/Remember me' options in programs.

For Internet browsers, there's even an addon (for Firefox and IE) that can store your passwords & forms SECURELY. The program that I speak of is LastPass. Check it out! It's very simple to use. Also, be sure to disable the built in browser password managers.

An alternative to LastPass for Firefox users is Sxipper.

Simply put, just don't enable 'remember me' features in any program! In addition, it has been claimed that a firewall will, depending on which one you are using, prevent the stealer from accessing the remote server where it sends the details to. It'd actually ask you what you want to do, but hopefully you'd block it!  Thanks to D3N for this information.

I know this 'tutorial' wasn't that informative, but it'll hopefully prevent someone from losing their e-mail or what have you.

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